My classmate asked me to dualboot linux on their laptop.

I'm proud of them. :D

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    That's a good feeling :D
    I hope they stick with it!
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    Very cool. I installed a dual boot on a friends chromebook too. Fun stuff
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    Hope never dies.
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    Which distro? Mint or something else?
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    Obviously mint since they're new to Linux.
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    @Michelle let’s hope they like it!
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    Aw, thank you! :)
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    And they will never boot to linux
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    Give them arch and then let them die B)
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    Introduce him in VIM and leave him there! If he returns he is the chosen one!
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    Her and she*
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    That’s good, there’s definitely way less women than men in the linux community, it’s quite sad
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    @Michelle @-vim-

    Sorry, when you think in a language and write in another things tend to be misunderstood 😖 anyway, good for her, but as a more of a Ubuntu guy, i would ask, why mint and not ubu? I feel like the second might have a stronger appeal for a windows user (i myself been there not so long ago)
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    @KennyTheBard mint is easier for new user and the default theme is more something like macos and windows
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    @KennyTheBard @-vim-
    Anyways, she either way is going to learn more. Let's hope she gets to learn great and get good. :)
    P.S. hope that for me too ;)
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    I myself did that to a couple of my friends. Two went back to windows. :( But one moved permanently to Linux!
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    Remove everything and just tty !
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