Hello everyone!
This is my first post here. So here is a meme I made. :)

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    Hi, welcome to devRant, but why the hate on me? Java is a pretty good language actually...
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    Welcome! 🎉
    As someone who works with Java: 😁
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    The people that write in other languages don't even have boxes as brains.
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    @Lycocain savagest thing i read all day.
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    I love Java. I'm going to spend the rest of the day hiding under my desk and sobbing with grief
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    Mmmh. The camera probably threw a BrainTooBigException() ;)
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    @ladiesman you made the conversation horribly horrible
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    Welcome! You got your ++ fast!

    (Please put your memes in the "meme" section next time tho)
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    Java is so good, we have to admit that
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    Looks like they are all dead
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    @ewpratten how you do that? I mean when it gave me the options like "about devRant", "questions" etc etc. I selected "joke/meme" and continued to post it.
    I know its a silly question but still.
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    @kungfucat interesting... I have my app set to ignore the meme section. So I shouldn't see it if you tag it as meme.

    But you you added the "devrant" tag yourself. So it thinks you tagged it as devrant.

    Sorry about that. It looks Ike it's just a bug with the app.

    (@dfox I found a bug. Manually entering one of the pre-set tags (like "rant" or "devrant") messes with the filter)
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    If posts like this actually had some explaining to them, that would be great.
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