Quick update on Brazil distribution strike

We are out of gas.
Airports stopped.
Government might call the army.
We might run out of water by Tuesday.

We are too much dependant on fossil fuels... Wtf?


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    Because it's still too expensive to get electric cars.

    Tesla's are probably the most popular, but they cost an arm, a leg, and the blood of your first born.

    There's a Prius but ehhh. It's got some stigmas and most wouldn't drive one.

    Not to mention, the access to electricity to charge your car away from home is rare.
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    @Stuxnet yeah, but get a world without gas and I bet all these "problems" disappear in no time.
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    You might run out of water, but you’re most concerned about petroleum?

    Your country’s dependence upon oil is not your problem. Your government is your problem.
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    And Michel Temer is USA puppet.
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    @BrainDrain seeing that petroleum has this fucking huge impact on our lives that 5 days without its derivates might get us out of fucking water, yes I'm pretty concerned about it.

    But I'm more concerned on how dependant of it our society is and mostly how dependant on 1 single way of transporting it my country is: trucks.
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    @NoMad thank you, but I don't think it will be that bad.

    Anyway, if it goes that way I really don't know how I would cross 2000km to the next country without a plane or a vehicle.

    My kid is worried but we are explaining things and how we are gonna deal with it.

    We are not struggling yet, the only thing that is out by this point is gasoline, but we are taking actions to endure this to at least a month if the strike continues.
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    We have lots of opportunities to invest on other ways besides the trucks here, but there is no politic interest to do that.

    So, yes, we are completely dependent on trucks. Don't need to say that our gas is expensive, the streets are dangerous with lots of thiefs, accidents etc. We could have better and cheaper ways to do that. But who wants to invest on it? We are the "it is working, when it stops, we try to make a little fix, only enought to work and keep going" country.
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    @brunofontes yeah, and its that way all around, not just at politics
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    That's sad. Hope you will be good. Good luck!
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    @azous Right. Your problem is your government and not some flammable, inanimate object.
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    @RantSomeWhere its just my first rant about the situation, where I said my boss was "considering home office" while gas stations were already running out of fuel
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    Grand time to build a pipeline.
    Charge the oil companies (and government!) a rental / transport fee per gallon.

    Their laziness is your profit!
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