I should really try to stop pressing i to type and Esc when I'm done typing when I'm not in Vim.

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    Yeah. I'm trying to build my program in vs (works fine with the makefile on Linux) and its fucking aids. Adding include directories and external library dirs and I always miss out on some little detail. Aaaaand syntax error on line 31. ":wq" everywhere in my code
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    @b3b3 Now, just to get stressed, can you imagine for how long you've been working on it without saving because in your mind you pressed ":wq"? :D
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    @Jilano well I don't care. First thing to do is trying to compile. The I can start coding😵fucking windows is confusing af
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    @RantSomeWhere An other thing you could do: bind Caps lock to act as a toggle between insert/normal mode. I personally love it!
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