I don't know what to write for this. 😂

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    You keep trying, screaming, pulling any cords you see. You try to get out by the window and get back on the bus in the last minute.

    Angry, hopeless, you touch the :, touch the q and press enter, without noticing what you really did, only to realize you are still half way to your destination.
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    It is the only bus in the world where, when you enter, you get a detailed explanation and instructions on how to get out of the freaking bus. xD
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    :wq - let's save first
    We might want to use this bus later
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    Having one million passengers because they don't know how to leave
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    If you want to jump out of a running bus, then :q!
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    Light this bus on fire..then get on a different bus
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    :q! But since I love this rant do this :wq inter please
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    :q -> crap, where to plug my keyboard..
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    I am gonna train ai agent to exit vim.

    a.i.: rm -fr /
    a.i.: take that you human
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    Stay calm, ESC the bus. Then it will do whatever you :say.
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    Kill it, then respawn in a different life/shell.
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    Google it!
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    Don't forget;
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    Go to jump..LOL
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    Kill the process! 😁
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    Now that I call a universal serial bus.
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    ZZ or ZQ

    I can only stand vim as it has has these two vital shortcuts vi is a cumbersome mess.

    ZQ aborts without save and ZZ is save and exit.
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    @hjk101 Oh, now I dont need to find where to plug my keyboard in that bus -> just get some sleep to get out xD (zZZ...)
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    @CSaratakij I think it is save to say that the bus driver has to do the ZZz.
    That way we are sure that all the bits exit the bus (through the windows) as fast as possible to the hard drive (tarmac).
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    In real life you gotta bend over, spread, stick something in while calmly saying q. Then you need to return the item you jammed in. That's the only way you get colon q return in real life. :q
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    Rest some time bus will throw you out side
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    :q -> exit
    :q! -> exit w/o breaking first
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    kill -9 the driver
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    Through the door, duuuuuh.
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