Just realized I can only be productive while listening to metal...otherwise I procrastinate the hell out of every second... Wtf?

Looks like its full music from now on :)

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    @Condor yeah, super weird.
    At least we know our strengths and weaknesses lol
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    Same 🤘
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    Same here, but I found out Vivaldi and Beethoven help as well, but need a bit longer until concentration kicks in.
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    I do the same thing except I need a YouTube video or an audio book, music causes my feet to tap and distract me even more.
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    I even need specific metal to concentrate. It comes in different phases. At the moment it must be experimental: "Igorrr" and "Unexpect" help the most.

    But the (sub) genre which helps varies from Techno/Goa to Death Metal and grindcore. Even classical music and operas. I once had a blues phase - much good music too :D.
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