> An update is available
> Installs update
> Update failed bc of corrupted system components
> Random bluescreens
> Sfc /scannow
> Can't scan because there is one pending repair
> Restart
> Does everything except repairing
> Recovery mode
> System integrity check failed
> Reset Windows
> Reset failed bc of "some" problems
> Media creation tool for bootable USB
> Tool fails to write image
> Media creation tool on another pc
> Successful
> Install Windows
> Missing drivers, cannot install
> Wipes hard drive

Fuck you Microsoft

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    > Install linux distribution
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    This rant feels like my week
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    I saw this all the time in my last job. It's experiences like these that make me think Windows won't be around for much longer.
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    Oh I'm already late for switch to linux comment...i usually write switch to linux also on similar linux rant, hope it helps
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    My Computer:
    >Start with Grub Windows 10
    >Starts auto Windows Update
    >After 3h restart
    >grub rescue
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    @Keanu is it a potato pc or potato internet connection speed?
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    @dontbeevil german potato internet
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