Tomorrow, we will have a new fenale co-worker.
This is awesome, because in IT is very rare to find women. It seems that this field is dominated by man.

And that brings the problem. In our enterprise, we are all men. We worst kind of men. Saying that we are "a bunch of animals in a tiny room" would be more like a compliment.

I already feel sorry for her. :/

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    It will be all right, just create a calendar reminder for everyone in the room to remember to shower, every day.
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    Women can be animals too?
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    @mundo03 I don't think the smell is the problem.
    I was thinking more on the swearing and "different" humor jokes..;/
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    Just treat her like any other colleague and not "uga uga yourr a womin!1" and you'll be fine
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    @taglia like smell jokes? :(
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