I'm such an idiot.

Spilled water on my MacBook today. Not that much water, but the cup landed right in the middle of my keyboard.

Worst part is I was gaming with my sister and didn't want to stop. So I wiped it off and shook it out a bit and kept playing. A bit later the screen started flickering and eventually went black.

Finally my brain turned on and I switched it off, shook out some more water, and set it up to dry. Just hoping it's not too late.

At least the drying setup recommended by the internet is pretty hilarious looking.

Now we play the waiting game. They say 72 hours before turning it on again. Seems a bit extreme. Will there still be moisture evaporating 3 days later? Not sure I can wait that long to see if it's toast.

Such an idiot.

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    @Andrian this is funny 😂
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    @Andrian I can't even blame the cat...
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    macbooks are easily toast, if any water touches them, might be bad news and might have to bring it to some place to fix it, most usually the traces get fucked up.
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    If Apple hardware were actually worth its price, one would expect a spill proof keyboard.
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    My friend accidentally spilled half a beer on my brand new MacBook Pro which I'd had for one week. Got sticky keys. And it still worked after that.
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    @DevPre my wife was on the desktop 😆
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    Apple is known for not dealing well with water damage.
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    The worst part is now you need a new sticker
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    just a mac 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Atleast you quit vim
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    Don't touch your Mac for one week
    Because water doesn't evaporate as it is inside your main board....it will take more time. Better will be if you use drier to evaporate water
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    Well... I guess it's already too late? Time for a new Mac baby!!
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    @Fast-Nop we recently found out at work that our new Acer Chromebooks are basically water proof, water spilled on one and a student never told anyone or even cleaned it up 67 hours later (thanks security cams) the thing is still running perfectly.
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    Update: it's alive!!

    I waited two days before turning it back on. No signs of damage. Full back up right away. I realize it might have problems later, but for now it's working perfectly and I didn't lose any days. Hooray!
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