Boss: You have one month to finish the program.
Me: It will be complicated but lets see how it goes.
To be cleared the end date is 2 of July.

Boss on the last friday: You have to finish on the 20th of June
Me: Yeah sure....

Boss yesterday: You have to finish on the 15th of June.
Me: You said one month.

Boss today: you have to finish by the end of this week
Me: No problem Boss you will have it tomorrow!!!
Boss: You have to. There are more projects waiting...
Me: -.-

This is what I have to deal with. But hey... don't forget... tomorrow is a new day so ... fuck it.

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    @electric-ghost The concept of Sprint for him is everyday around 9:30 is to enter on the office saying "let me see the Analytics" when he can see on his computer... because... well its a website. So I gave him my chair for him to see on my computer.

    Then goes to me design coĺlegue asking for "beatifull things" ... 😁

    Then returns to my desk asking to see the project and I have to give the chair once more so that he could request more changes.
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    @electric-ghost well... I really don't have a clue. I remenber having sprints long time ago... in a distante past... very blurry... I remenber being part of a team and planing the next Sprint.. 😢 😭
    Now I just sprint to the finish line.
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    Say no. Any reasonable boss would respect that.
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    @pez-dispenser does that sound like a reasonable boss to you?
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    @Krokoklemme it doesn’t unfortunately. I’d still recommend saying no though, otherwise that prick will continue to push everyone around. If a date isn’t feasible it’s your professional duty to push back even if the manager won’t listen. If you get it in writing that they ignored your warning even better.
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