Actuall live footage of me trying to install and configure VMware to work on arch at the moment...

(I might be a little fucking frustrated)

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    Install proxmox
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    On a side note, just randomly decided fuck it, uninstalled it and reinstalled via AUR and all is working out of the box... Fuck sake :-)
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    Wait till you try installing TeamViewer on Arch
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    @Aalleexx Surprisingly never had a problem with teamviewer lol
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    @lxmcf It kept me awake for a week for missing libraries T.T
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    @Aalleexx It is currently fine. There were times it made me insane with freetype 2.7, but it is no longer the case.

    Only thing is, teamviewer 13 has only core functions on arch, not messaging or catching key combos like alt+tab :(
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    @Condor nah no custom kernel for me, was having issues with actually starting a VM, had to same issue with VB, no clue what was causing it but just reinstalled the same way I always have and it just started working so who knows
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    @illegaldisease oh wow that's kinda crappy... Why does it only have base functionality?
    Surely everything would work
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