Why do devs have a grudge against Microsoft?

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    not me....


    Welcome to devRant!
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    @rEaL-jAsE jealous?? And of microsoft? 😂
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    @zlice Nope, I'm just curious.
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    Read about free software, and the four essentials freedoms.
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    @elgringo So they don't play well with everyone?
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    - Their os's and loads of their software are closed source which is bad for privacy and security.

    - MS is integrated within the biggest mass surveillance engine/network ever created

    - They have spying on by default on windows 10

    - They just bought the biggest open source software collaboration platform.

    That's just a few of my points :)
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    Because it's the go-to response?
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    @segfault0xff It was for me too, until now!
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    Their ex-CEO says "open source" is bad and compares it to "cancer"!!! Do I need to say more?

    P.S. - The new Microsoft under new CEO is changing towards the better now. I think it is logical to give them one last chance. If they fuck up, I'm done with them forever.
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    @AvyChanna This is something that led me to ask this question. I keep seeing Microsoft and it's developers advocating their love for open source, but couldn't completely understand everyone's grudge against them.
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    Here you have a list of historical reasons: http://www.kmfms.com/whatsbad.html

    While it's true what @AvyChanna says about the company apparently changing its ways lately, it still does pretty shitty things from time to time, like reportedly their W10 updates fucking up client installations in lots of creative and fun (for us) ways.

    My take on the whole GitHub thing is this: if they don't fuck GitHub up, then good for the people that stay there. Take LinkedIn, for example: I may be mistaken, but I don't see anything wrong with it for the time being. But if one day they fuck up, I won't be surprised _at all._
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    @linuxxx Feels like the most genuine reasons by far. Thanks!
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    1. Too much power for one company
    2. Shitty sw products [and I mean it..]
    3. They bought skype. And ruined it. The no-ads thing is fine, but I prefer ads over malfunctioning app
    4. MS == malware [the first thing that comes to mind when I hear 'ms']
    5. They bought nokia. Where is it now? Nearly gone. And it was arguably the best in the area back in a day!
    6. I do not trust companies which make default settings to send every bit of info available to them. Privacy.. Meeh..
    7. MS is too aggressive with the updates thing. I mean.. Am I obligated to install every each of them? Why are they forcing updates on us? Who's gonna fix my pc after reboot when I'll get a bsod? Not MS, that's for sure!
    8. The 'linux is cancer' one day and 'we love linux and all the oss' another day thing...
    Is that enough.

    However I do like their hardware
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    Still finding the reason
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    In my opinion, they seem like a client that implements there own code.
    I can imagine conversations in their meeting rooms go like this:

    "So we want to release a new version of $blah"
    "Ok well it's pretty slow and buggy we should fix that"
    "Naaaa adding new poorly implemented features will make the user forget about all the other problems"
    "Ok then, when shall we release it?"
    "Now? You mean start now?"
    "No, now!"
    "Yes! Now!"
    "But people..."
    "...I don't care release the new features now"
    *presses button*
    Windows starts forced update.
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    Bing Toolbar
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    nokia was already dead before microsoft bought it they fucked it up by themselves ...
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    I find it amazing that with all these posts about microsoft/windows, php, and others, that people still have to ask about it over and over
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