I hate C++ with a passion.

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    C++ hates you more
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    Any reasons why?
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    @j4cobgarby it is OOP done poorly. U can just use C which is way better and compiles faster
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    @ttshivhula you're right, i can use C, which does sometimes compile faster, and is certainly better for some things
    however, sometimes you need to use OOP, which C doesn't have (i know it has structs, but it's not at all the same thing)
    C++ and C both have cases where they're better than each other
    i'd like to know how you'd justify saying that it's OOP done "poorly", since to me it has all of the features you'd want from an object oriented language (constructors, destructors, different member visibilities, subclassing, etc.)
    if you want to see OOP done poorly, have a look at python
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    Normally such hatred comes from unfamiliarity or lack of knowledge in one thing. I am not a c++ fan by any means. But I can appreciate it's power and usefulness. Trying to get better at it on every passing day.

    Just keep trying man.
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    I want to like cpp but it feels like using a legacy obsolete language
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    @sharktits why though
    I mean, C++'s OOP features are about as mature as any other industrial strength OOP language's, and then there's templates...
    Plus all the cool stuff added in C++17.
    Is it the syntax and memory management?
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    @ttshivhula what @j4cobgarby said.
    C++ really shines when you get on to tackling large problems.

    It can churn out efficient code while keeping complexity at bay, has incredible tooling, great IDE support, a vibrant community full of helpful people, lots and lots of libraries, and tons of modern features thanks to recent updates to the language.
    The design philosophy of the standard libraries is really cool, everything is customizable if you know how (including GC based memory management via libraries).
    I've honestly never seen any other language that has such a range of abstraction and customisability.

    And contrary to popular belief, tuned C++ code can be just (or close to) as fast and space constrained as tuned C code, even though it employs a greater amount of abstraction (I regularly use raw C++ for microcontrollers).

    You may like Rust though, if you're not into C++. It's a great language.
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    It can be a pain in the ass, but is pretty sweet once you get the hang of it;
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    @RememberMe idgaf boutta syntax, i want a central repo in 2018 and not downloading fucking lib files
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