Okay, time to delete my old Skype account
1. Enter Skype name
2. Reset password
3. Captcha
4. Complete email
5. Enter email code
6. You are logged in now, please complete your profile first
7. Enter birth date
8. Add your phone number or second email address
9. Create new outlook mail
10. Got access to profile settings
11. Click on delete profile
12. Stop please first verify your email again
13. Enter code
14. Check all checkboxes that I am really sure to want it deleted
15. Click delete button

Fuck hell and that all again for my second account

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    Before leaving us please give us more information about who you are.
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    "I want to delete my Skype account"
    MS: "Well, sure, but we need all your personal info to do that."

    I'd rather not- oh wait they know everything already.
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    Reason for deleting: I no longer want Microsoft accounts
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    When I last logged in, I had that, too. I just opened it in a new tab, was logged in there and everything worked without having to fill in anything. I only use Skype Web, though.
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    So now if I want to merge a PR in Github, I need to:

    1- To open a new PR:

    - fill a request form

    - wait for approval

    - add comments why I want to submit a PR

    2-To submit a PR

    - get a secret code that was sent to your manager

    - enter the code (that was expired redo step 2)

    3- To merge PR

    -.... to be continued xD
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    soon you will have to add your Github account for verification
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    And add the blood of a virgin
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