So you guys know how universities can sometimes have TERRIBLE old software that hasn't been updated for years, and sometimes you want to do a specific process over and over again so you end up automating it, now, we've built a tool that automates downloading projects from the University Moodle website, and we would like to publish it for other students to use.


The University is using SSO.

And so far we've made the application to work by observing the network connections over the Android app version in order to extract the cookie session, now imagine that we publish this little tool, and tell people to do those exact steps, of course it's impractical and misses the whole point of the tool itself for being easy to use.

So, where can I read more about SSO, how can I figure out what the University uses? And if I had to reverse engineer this, where should I start? (It goes over 4 pages and I'm not able to capture those requests to even figure out what's going on)

In short is there a guide where you take a university SSO service and build on top of it? I couldn't find anything that is helpful.

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