@dfox maybe add a donate button? at this point i would deffinatly support this thing. i think you deserve it plus it will help you make this even a better place without been stressed out from monitization, which somtimes can ruin the whole thingy...

put it in the side menu or something

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    Also pull down to refresh notifications. I guess the app is yet to make full use of touch actions. And again I repeat the search should be swapped with the notifications in the navigation. why? because notifications must be a click away, not 2.
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    Thank you for bringing this up and thinking about the app and helping us. We really appreciate it. This has come up a few times and I think this still holds true - just by being a great member of the community people are helping us. And if you tell some friends about the app, that in some ways helps more than a donation at this point.

    We could think about it in the future, but we also have the store (https://swag.devrant.io) where all purchases help us offset some expenses, so that's another good way to chip in and get something in return

    Thanks again, it means a lot that people think about how to support devRant financially.
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    @dfox cool ill buy some stuff for support and awesomeness....
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