After 5 years in retail, I finally got a job in the programming branch.

After two months of working with WordPress I finally got a website that isn't in WordPress!!

I'm so fucking pleased right now!!!

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    Nice work! Is there a live link you're allowed to share?
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    Today is the day you graduate as a developer ­čśë
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    I'm only recently a junior developer myself. Since two weeks. I don't understand your second sentence though. How can you have a website not in wp after working two months with it? Also:
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    @thejohnhoffer sadly no since the website hasn't been released yet.
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    @FunkDelegate to clear up my second sentence. I finished a clients website, that uses WordPress, and I now got a client that wants a Bootstrap website :)
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    I just started a new job as a software developer in may.
    Guess what, in the field of retail products :-D
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