Bootstrap is used by who doesn't know how to use CSS.
Change my mind

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    You are right. Not gonna change your mind.

    Keep perfecting your amazing css skills for various interfaces 👍
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    I can write css till the cows come home.
    I use bootstrap primarily for the grid and backwards compatibility - you know for us crazy folk who still have to keep things running in IE10/11
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    I’ll vote for you
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    Real front end devs use Bulma. It's so awesome.

    Bootstrap is overrated. Check out Bulma. The grid is sooooo easy to use.

    Once you try it you'll look at bootstrap and go.. "why did I even bother with you...never again..."

    If accessibility is a concern drop bootstrap and go for Foudation, solid accessibility design patterns.
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    @Vip3rDev try grid vanilla css, you’ll feel like what @sabbonaut said
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    It's your time. It's up to you how you wanna waste it 😜
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    @devTea cool, I'll check it out. I made my own framework that's based off flexbox that I use for rapid wireframing but this looks pretty cool.
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    Iota CSS;)
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    *uses Bulma*
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    I can write CSS but I generally use bootstrap because I just cannot be bothered. Bootstrap makes things look good enough for my purposes and I dont have to waste time writing my own styles. Disclaimer: Im more of a backend developer and get bored fiddling with screen positions and colour combinations. Its not that I cant do it, I just prefer not to waste effort on it when Bootstrap gives me everything I need to make a basic front end.
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    @CrashOverride Try Bulma. If you like Bootstrap then Bulma simplifies it even more. Great grid system.
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    Susy by oddbird.
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    Bootstrap is like .NET/WPF, high level abstraction

    CSS is like C, assembly, low level, u do everything
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    Bootstrap is used by those who know CSS fully, but are too broke from buying coffee and paying for website hosting that they can't afford the acid necessary for CSS inspiration.
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    Started Bootstrap today lol
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    @iamgio Start Bulma instead. It's better.
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    Its like using vanilla js or php without any framework.
    You can do it but it takes so much time.. And of course you dont have it when you're working on a big project.
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    I understand your opinion but I know how to write css but still use css.
    Mainly I use it for thins like navbar and grid because it's fast to implement and easy to use and if you know how to theme it it's not that huge in size
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    By the way, I use bootstrap for rapid prototyping, I don't say it's shit, it's easy and well supported.

    But come on, are you sure you can't align two divs without using grids? How hard is using display: inline-block?
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