So awhile ago I asked my IT if i could get ubuntu on my (School) Laptop & she said that it can only be changed by the department of education, but seriously WTF It's just Linux && You could get it on all the NSW computers & it wouldn't change a thing!!

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    Well, it would change something...

    As an ex admin: The windows install on your school's computers is probably customized and updates from a central server, perhaps not even in your school. If you started installing Linux on some machines, they would pull their updates from the internet - and without some kind of central update management like WSUS or any of its FLOSS counterparts, it's impossible to tell if a machine is up to date or a potential security timebomb.
    That said, if you want to be a revel (and face the consequences) just use a live system. Be bold, and welcome to the resistance. The coffee maker is down that way to the right.
    Oh and don't get me wrong. I'd prefer students being educated on free software and learning about user rights. But an organization the size of a school needs central management. Your IT is much less likely to blame than you think.
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    @ilPinguino no it's not that im annoyed that I can't install it, im annoyed that I can't boot off USB
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