You know. I have mixed feelings on the way people have been reacting to senzory's rant regarding the way he deals with clients. Some people believe that he is unethical, some people see it as just business(me included) but to see what the community says is somewhat interesting.

First, let me be clear on something: i have been fucked over by clients many times for being a nice guy and trying to play it nicely.

Because of this I am selective of who deserves good treatment and who gets to fuck off. But regardless of the client I do the same thing: regardless of who it is, nice or otherwise. If a project will take 1 week to complete then I tell them that it will take 3 to 4 weeks. Why? Well because I have many things on my plate, I am married and have two children, one lives with me and I try to spend as much time with them as I can. I work from 8 to 6, sometimes later and when I get home I sometimes don't do shit since at work I maintain the web services of 2 fucking college campuses.
I don't look for my clients. Through word of mouth they come to me. And being in a privileged position(there are about 5 devs here and they all suck) they can either do with my times and fees or can fuck off over the border where Pedro will do their shit on vbscript and classic ASP(which I like, but you know why this is not an option in 2018)

Apps can be sold for large quantities of money, regardless of what their use case is, if a company wants to outsource their apps to an external developer(such as yours truly) that means that they are willing to play the game. And that is what business is: a game, a survival game.

Where I live, a company will not think twice of firing a single mother for whatever reason. In the U.S of A, and specially in Texas, you can be fired for whatever reason. I have automated people's jobs without knowing it, I have made people lose their jobs and saved companies thousands with my apps. Things like that were not know to me, had I known that someone would have lost their jobs I would have tried differently.

If a company is willing to tell employees(loyal employees) to fuck off, then i do not regret charging what I do and hustling the way I do with rat faced dickheads that care not for people. If I could I would destroy entire companies here. But that is for another story.

I have been used, insulted, gambled with and have been lied to, to my face by these companies. Which has left me jaded.

Oh now, trust me. I am still highly optimistic and nice. And if someone has a small business and I can help them out, then I will lower my rate and give positive vibes in the hopes of making things better through karma. I want to see the best in people. But this does not stop me from being a shark and giving quotes the way I do.

Because companies, as an overall entity are not people with the best intentions(sometimes) and they will not take your kindness, they will take advantage if possible in an effort to save money. Its just dickhead business.

So why, as a professional and privileged developer that obtained his skills through intense study and practice, a wizard by all means, should lower to these nameless, Faceless entities?
Why should i give them the fairness they do not give others? Why should I play the high morale game and come out as a loser?

At the end of the day, I get to swim in my own pool of success, knowing that they did not get the chance to fuck me over

So if you tell me that you took advantage of your hard earned skillset, and built a cross platform app(which compiles to native binaries) and sold 2 products for one, I will tell you that you are an excellent player at their game. If you tell me that you finished before and got to charge for 2 weeks of work doing just 2 days I will say that you are an excellent time manager. And if you tell me that at the end of the day you managed to keep said customer I will tell you that you are a true professional.

There is a difference lads, in selling a product to big momma jamma's cajun restaurant, to the largest logistics company around.

Be nice to those that desserve it.

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    @AlexDeLarge to be fair on your last part, it's not like we need to do business with him. But I know what you mean my dude.
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    @Bitwise i don't think he will. I think he actually enjoyed triggering people on them rants!
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    @AleCx04 he didn't write like you did, bro.

    Frankly speaking, his last rant about wordpress and plugins rant is on the acceptable and more on controversial region. However because of the old android, ios app rant and few other rants, lots of us have seen him in different light for sure. So as Floydian has keep saying, he brought it upon himself.

    Of course, just because you can finish something in an hour doesn't mean you have to tell client upright, to come back in an hour. You have to consider current tasks, potential delays (slow internet, power outage, device broke down, flood, lol I have a lot to give as example from my life). So yea sure, nothing wrong with saying this will take 5 hours, a working day for a task that will definitely be able to finish in an hour.
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    @AleCx04 I just replied to that working hour statement part of this whole crap. And even in that one statement, you see how he presented his arguments was very much different from how you did.

    We are mere humans with so much shits to deal with. So it is very understandable we cannot be nice and fair at all time. Totally. However at least be blunt as direct like how AlexDeLarge's "You don't fuck with me, I won't fuck with you " attitude. In his stories, the clients seemed so mervolously nice.
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    @senzory Did you at least sue them?
    Not paying bills or salary is, at least in my country, against the law and can be sued.

    And I can't explain myself how you could work for a whopping 2.5 months for free. How could you still pay your bills?

    I'm sorry for your situation, but I think there are many better solutions than basically stealing money from gullible clients.
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