Programmer != Hacker
Hacker!= Programmer

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    Right. A hacker is someone who can eat with 2 pairs of chopsticks on one hand at the same time. Not every dev can do this
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    Is a hacker a software engineer? Is a developer a programmer? And WTF is a coder?
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    I'd venture to say most hackers are programmers. The ones worth their salt that is.
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    For people who asks me how to become a hacker, I always suggests them to be a programmer first and then you'll get good at hacking but yeah getting good at a scripting language worth something. Idk whether I was giving a wrong advice all along, cz I always think If you know how it is built, You'll be better at investigating and exploiting it.
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    @htlr that was the advice I was given and it's 1000% accurate. You can't exploit it if you don't know how it's built. Not to mention being able to make your own tools and customize them sets you apart in the infosec world and puts you above your peers and competition. And even if you don't want to code to build stuff... you at least need to be able to read code.

    I started learning python because I was given that same advice. While I still intend to work in infosec someday, I fell in love with coding and consider myself a developer now. There's a shortage of security minded devs in the world.

    So keep giving that advice. If they can't handle coding, they can't handle hacking.
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    @zlice what are you getting at? Skids aren't hackers.
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    Hackers aren't crackers.

    Hacking is a philosophy and a way of approaching problems. It's not about brute forcing passwords and stealing stuff for financial gain or to hurt someone else.

    Hackers can be social engineers, phreakers, lockpickers, etc.

    Hacking is done for knowledge and for the challenge only.
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    @0x2142 I just laugh at them, and then cry a little, and then feel sad...

    I try to stay hopeful that maybe some day they will grow up and actually learn some shit.
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    @zlice doesn't make the 12 year old a hacker if he's a skid. No different than someone using a devs program doesn't make them a developer.

    If your company is being pwned by a 12 year old skid, the you have way way way more important things to start worrying about... such as... security and how horribly you fucked it up.
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    There is a problem with this post. Your targeted audience most likely doesnt understand the meaning of !=, if they did, they would most likely know the point of the post anyways 😁
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    @AlexDeLarge Woah, I couldn't agree more!

    And when someone calls the software they write "my codeS" I feel it's exactly this definition of a "coder" speaking.
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    @Pseudonymous Haha, well, I'm more tolerant of things Linus Torvalds says - judging from the way he talks, he's a major asshole, but with his contributions to the field, I'm okay with it. I don't take his over the top comments seriously. So also I don't care about specific words in his vocabulary.
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    Don't forget about hardware hacking!
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