When you write last exam and your teacher is funny.

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    I wrote this is you(that taller) and then This is I(that smaller) and he wrote I am not tall I am only big
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    Pre boha :D pouzivaj radšej Google Translate, to bude lepšia angličtina ako toto
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    U have tests like this, damn
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    @karma This was pretty standard in my school aswell. Don't ask. No offense, but some teachers that teach programming that come from physics / math are just retards.
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    @DefiniteGoose I think this is interesting for us... because on computer you have some emulators in your text editor etc... On paper that is different
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    The statement behind it was that you were supposed to solve problems based on your mind, not auto completion from IDEs.

    ...Like thats relevant if I fuck up on misspelling something instead of solving the problem in a extensive rechecked supported way. The IDE can only autocomplete my current thought, not the entire chain.


    Also my SQL tests were on paper aswell. Talk about hell.

    I never understood that shit myself.
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    Inak... kód písaným... 😐... nope
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