Sometimes I really don't like meetings. Because I'm an introvert.

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    I don’t like them because they’re usually a poorly organised waste of time.

    “I want to get everyone in a room and...” usually equates to “I don’t have a fucking clue”.

    Count the average cost per meeting, time of the people in there * their hourly rate. If the meeting didn’t have that much value or potential value don’t go to another.
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    If you are invited to a meeting, take over the meeting using a 'bike shed problem' technique and enjoy your free-paid time watching people argue about irrelevant stuff. Remember that it's easier to discuss a bike shed than a nuclear power plant.
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    I love meetings but I don't like dancing because I'm introverted.

    But when it is time to unveil my source-code I'm an extroverted piece of information
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