Discussing with the boss:

boss: < How is it going? >
me: < I'm trying to rewrite this horrible javascript code with typescript >
boss: < But release cannot support typescript >
me: < I can compile typescript locally and then release >
boss: < You are not listening to me! we can not execute a script in typescript >
me: < In fact we will use a script in javascript >
boss: < So why are you rewriting it in typescript? >

And so the discussion continued for another 20 minutes...

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    So why exactly is typescript>js?
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    Switch from java to typescript it's better than switch from java to javascript in my opinion.
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    Simply because from my point of view typescript language provides a much more readable code.
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    @WabriDev that is really smart
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    Did you briefly tell him about the bond between ts and js ?

    I think he just sees ts as a completely different interpreter than js.

    Maybe if you told him that ts directly converts the code to js without any consequences, he would have got it.
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    That's what happened in the next 20 minutes
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    @WabriDev Well if it took 20 minutes just for that, i feel sorry for you :(
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    @dontPanic it's not greater than js, if you know how js works. ES6 is already good enough since it supports classes.

    For beginners, typescript is better and easier to learn since it resembles other static typed languages like java.
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