Picture a small product team, the dev side of it has 1 tech lead, 1 recently promoted senior dev, 1 junior dev.

1 - Offer your tech lead a severance package
2 - Hire a mid-level and a junior dev
3 - Give the product lead role to someone in their mid-20s that has no tech or project management background
4 - ???

The next 6 months are going to be interesting ones...

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    Welcome to devRant then. Maybe you'll get a lot of stories to share ^^
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    Management you gotta love them
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    @2lazy2debug Maybe, but it will be someone else writing them. I'm the tech lead on this story 😂

    I feel sorry for the devs I'm leaving behind, though. They're the ones that will feel the pain of figuring out what number 4 is going to be.
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