There was maybe one of the coolest methods of apply for a job. There was a company in Sydney on linkedin on the apply href for the job was pointing to localhost (might of been a accident) so you had to find their website and with the trailing url get to the page then they said to send OPTIONS request to a endpoint here you got a link to a api doc to where you send a POST to apply for a job they had a example body to use. So sending the Post request with with postman required headers so looking more into the doc it gave the headers needed. Now the example body for the post had some errors in it and once they are fixed you can then submit the request.

NOW thats the way to find competent developers shame I'm not one of the.

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    I like it, I like it a lot.
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    That last sentence hits me on a personal note.
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    They better had high salaries AND announced that in the job description. Otherwise, why even do that much work just for a job application?
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    @Fast-Nop Nah, they had "Competitive" Salaries and equity in the company (It's a startup). But i think that's a really dope way of doing as the companies SaaS is basically API endpoints. So doing that to find people that can use API's / Write queries is a smart way of doing it.

    But you are right it was a'bit of work to do it as i Wrote a GET request in Serverless so they can get my full resume
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    @Alpham0use kay, then it makes sense. This way, they get people who can do that stuff AND who don't mind putting in unpaid working time for that company, which is what most start-ups somehow deem to be necessary anyway.
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