Dear school,
even when I'm drunk like now, i still feel a pain in the ass, you know, like if i tried to do a fcking reverse tombstone with a beer bottle in my asshole.

This is the end of my sixth year. Yup, 3 years network/system admin, and now 3 years programming.

Now what, you were useless, didn't teach me anything, i feel like the chimp's sperm filled leprous mare that write planning for the year just want us to learn french and laws.(oh, the chimp as IST prolly.)

You ruinned me, I'm fcking poor now, but i have a degree (yolo)..

Well, you gave me some friends.. thanks for that you dumbass.

Dear teacher, i want to know, why are you so incompetent ? I mean, did you find your degree in Mother of shit' school as me ?

And also, pleaseee : next time i get an exam on a specific software that runs only on windows, i'll probably kill the fcking entire classroom, and this include you, and your merkel's ass licker familly.

That's it, random post, some hate, sorry fellow ranters, have a good day!

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