Trust me or not, i'm currently creating a fcking cool video game with php.

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    How many seconds per frame does it run at?
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    @hexc this bad boy runs at a constant 60SPF 😎
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    Its not that i don't believe you. Its that I am asking "why?"

    Is it an experiment? Is it for the glory of the dark lord? Is it cuz you are a badass php ninja and fuck the haters?

    You won't get hate from me b. I love php. Just wondering why.
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    @AleCx04 mainly for the dark Lord.
    Also bcoz i love php, and i find it fun to prove that the hate for any technologies is stupid (almost, have to admit) you can do anything you want, plz dev, don't limit yourself
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    You mean a backend for a browser game? Or an api for a different game?

    I can't see how the fuck you would make a game in php apart from a cli text based rpg or something, please enlighten me lol
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    @FMashiro for backend in a browser game yes

    And you can do awesome tricks in cli with php too
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