No way.
No matter what you give up for your family and friends.
It's never enough.

"You're always tired"
"You're not interested enough in my/our stuff"
"No wonder you won't proceed with your carrier, when you act like that"

Give me a chance to build up a regular life.

Most Ppl = Egotistical piles of crap.

Sorry for this dark rant :/

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    I wish I could say you were wrong, but you aren't.

    I spent a few days designing a new website for my parents business, as well a a few hours doing the usual parent PC routine..

    A few hours after this I get the usual why do you never interact with anyone rant.

    I'm a reclusive introvert at the best of times. From my experience in life people either die, cheat or just plain fuck you over in the king run.

    Less social obligations = more time to educate myself, less stress, less 'fake' friendships more time spent on things I actually do care about, coding, fixing, breaking things better.

    Not to mention I don't particularly want to communicate with others. It is hard to find peers like we have here on devrant with similar minds and thirst for information, without the socially afflicted normalities of smalltalk.

    If I meet a person irl and for some reason we get into a computer/tech conversation, you may be my best friend for the length of our conversation, especially if beer is involved
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    I thibk this as well, is it my fault, I can't force to care about things I don't care, I don't want to care about these things
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