As an introvert, this is a big challenge. A few years ago, I buried my social life to be focused on my work. But after some years, I realized this was doing more harm than good to me.
Since then I try to dedicate more time to friends, social events, and family. It's not easy to keep in touch, invite to a coffee, joining a class/activity and meet new people. Everyone's life is so busy today. But it's worth.
I always feel so much better after have a good conversation, sharing experiences and ideas.

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    I completely agree. I'm worried with so many "no social life" response here, this may be the easy way to deal with the issue but not the right one.
    We don't have the luxury to have much social interaction in our job so we need to make extra effort to be part of the society.

    Everyone need someone at some point. Being alone at that point will break you.
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    You actually need only a couple good ones, if I believe if one ended up with too many, they will just tire themselves up
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