So, our project is making the transition to the cutting edge Agile methodology (hello, 2005 called).
From what I see, I'm starting to believe that we're also changing our target from delieverin software to deleivering meeting botes and meeting preparation docs.

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    It's all about the meetings 😂
    It's what managers understand after all...
    Be grateful you got rid of dozens of spreadsheets with just how Agile you are 🙄
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    Perks of having a manager per square meter I guess 🙄
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    Death to speadsheets, long live JIRA...
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    @SnafuAI wish I could say the same 😂
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    I wish most of them were spread over a one square meter ( prefferably by jumping fromm he 30th floor)
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    I know what you mean 😂
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