What will happen to programmers/developers now days if there's no search engine/internet connection?

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    Free holidays
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    I shall continue to do my job
    I don’t need a search engine to find the docs 🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 You do need the internet though 😂
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    @forE meh I’ll go find a book from a library and write vb6 😂
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    @C0D4 Start printing off the documentation now, you’ll be sound by the time the internet dies 😂
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    If it's our office, our management will ask us to "figure it out" ourselves, while they go home because they can't send any more mails.
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    apocalypse at office. but it wouldn't be as worse as when the caffe-machine doesn't work anymore.
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    They'll die 😂😂
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    @LastDigitOfPi thank God at least someone is.
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