"How do I balance my Social life and Dev life?", they asked. I am now wondering when did I had any life?

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    As a student who is working towards getting into getting a software engineering job I'm feeling the same.

    I have to balance school schedules, homework,
    finding and getting an internship,
    finding and getting scholarships (each typically full of a ton of essay work),
    working on programming skills through side projects (for resume),
    network through various meetups in hopes to meet people in the industry,
    maintain my apartmwnt (which is difficult with 4 roommates that don't clean)
    work for $ for school, food and rent.
    Somehow maintain a social life as not not become a social outcast from my peers,
    Maintain relationship with parents which for some reason actually takes effort, and
    On top of all of this I need to find the time to eat, sleep, and hygine.

    I look forward to getting a job @_@
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    @andpeterson I can understand from what you are going through but there is a time waiting for you and when you achieve that time , your life will be much more easier than you ever thought it would be. Never stop fingering the keys...
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    @ayyshim that just sounds wrong :P and good luck to you mate.
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