Work somewhere awesome with cool people, like a game studio! Then your social life is part of the job.

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    @stisch I am currently an intern at a gaming studio!! And man its really fun! A work culture I always thought I wanted to work in!!
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    @CCAtAlvis that's great! How is your expectation vs. reality?
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    @stisch the place where I interned was a small studio, but it was lot better than expectations in terms of work culture,
    Saturday were more of nonworking days, so we had like mentor session.. either by some industry expert or we our self would talk about something... Also we had 3-4 hours gaming sessions (we also used to play on week days).
    We used to have food together, like everyone sharing, and then some random pass time activities..

    As of for work.. work time was quite a lot, for me it was 10:30 to 8 but they worked even more than that.. And as of pay, the industry average fresher's pay is quite low.. maybe it's in my country, I don't know what's internationally!
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