Hello everyone.

I'm switching phones from Android to iPhone. Mostly because of stronger security policies, longer support for security updates and whatnot.

I would like to know what useful iOS apps you use. Does not have to be dev related. Just hit me with your best shot.

I know that there will be people screaming MUH ANDROID. I don't really care. You do you.

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    @Floydian Cool. Will definitely check it out. I have never heard about it before. Is it like stack overflow?
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    Coming from an android, if your use to using your phone as a USB drive your up shit creek.

    Some apps I have floating around for the day to say stuff.

    - wifi USB
    probably one of the few ways to make your phone a USB stick

    - iZip pro
    you CAN download files in safari, but you’ll need to open them in another app , hence this

    - openVpn
    Becuase... vpn

    - Adblock iOS
    full system ad blocker + in app ads, works as a vpn and rolls everything to a local address.
    Edit: link as this one doesn’t show up easily.

    Phone storage is a bitch with enough apps, photos so
    - Dropbox
    - Google drive
    - OneDrive

    - Firefox focus
    - chrome

    More dev related
    - terminus
    - VNC viewer
    - team viewer
    - ftp manager
    - iCurlHTTP

    Oh I forgot to mention the important one, it’s called devRant!

    Ps: as tempting as it is to jailbreak your phone, don’t! Cydia hasn’t been useful for years besides playing the GBA emulator for nostalgia reasons.
    You’ll also be forced to stick to an outdated iOS version which apple stop signing not to long after the release of the new versions, which sucks if you want to go back or need to do a restore.
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    @C0D4 I never use my phone as USB though. So that's fine I guess.

    These are some super helpful tips though.

    Many kudos to you.
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    I'm sure you already know this but the home screen has no app drawer, no widgets, and icons placed left->right top->botten

    Edit: Taylor is really useful for merging screenshots
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    @graic Noticed that. The only thing that actually bothers me a bit is that I can't seem to have 5 apps in one row. But whatever. I'll live.

    Thanks for your input on the app. It will probably come in handy!
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    Buffer, you can edit code on the go with FTP and terminal built in
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    @MatthewSamms I have a laptop though.
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    @Floydian I'll give you a full report in about a week.

    And with that I mean I'll probably forget about the report and get irritated if you remind me. 😄
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    Non-dev: Agenda. Works really well without having to buy premium.
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    @DuckDuckWent Cool, what is it for?
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    @BigBoo a mix of notes and to do lists
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    Office Lens — pretty good scanner
    1Pass — native Pass manager is good enough too tho
    Ulysses — best writing app, alternatively bear
    SPARK — MUST TRY — switching back from this email client to another makes me uncomfortable in 1 minute and reinstalling it
    (and of course my app — whir)
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    @BigBoo if you have one of the smaller phones I think it is limited to 4. The larger phones get 5
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    @graic I have the ordinary iPhone 8, it seems to be limited to 4.
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    @BigBoo yeah you can't change that :(
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    @bcye Thanks! These was very helpful. But couldn't find your app. 🙁
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    @BigBoo ohh I misspelled it. It's spelled tailor (also it's not my app just to clarify)
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    @bcye Nice. This might get handy for book club.
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    @kgbemployee Nearly a week in and I can’t stand this fucking system and I don’t fucking trust it either.
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