School time, programming class:
Girl: Hey, Can you help me?
Me: Sure, what's up?
G: I have an error but I don't know why
M: *looks at error stack trace* You're missing a semicolon in line 133 *puts comma, run... 27 more errors* Well, you have more issues up there, why don't you try to fix them?
G: Oh, Ok, thanks
-- 1 hour later --
G: Hey, can you come? I already fixed the other issues but I still have one I can't fix
M: *checks code, same mistake I fixed, missing semicolon, same line* Why did you erase the semicolon?
G: Oh, because if I erase it, I only have 1 error, but if I leave it, I have 27 so....
M: *turn around, walk away*

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    No comment 😑
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    I understand your frustration, but taking two minutes to explain why that happens might have helped her a lot?
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    @Werchte I didn't mention it, but between her first call and the fix of the semicolon, there was a full explaining of what the stack trace can be used to, hot to reas and backtrack the compiler's errors and so on, also I was doing my work there to, so i couldn't waste time in fixing her code when I had to finish mine
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    @apex I agree with you. It's been quiet some time since we have been learning about C and my classmates still frustrate me. Today, I was asked by my friends to teach them programming. None of them could comprehend the program without conio.h. I'm not wasting over an hour explaining to them why must it not be used when they refuse to understand pretty basic topics.
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    @Letmecode sometimes a nice blow to the head with a sturdy mechanical keyboard does the trick of rebooting their brain, that is if there is anything in there to begin with!
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    epic 😂😂😂
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    It looks like this place is feminist free... Feel pretty nice thaught
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    @sam0 We devPeople are gender agnostic and stupidity focused!
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    @omjessica Yeah, it's not about gender, more like willing and liking for the things you do, because if you're not interested, you're not going to do it 😂
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    lol this is annoying and I'm a girl who goes through this shit almost everyday. Most ppl of my gender just don't want to code
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    @hunteramericano First of all, sorry for using the wrong terminology, I got that mixed up. But, I'm not being an ass, I mean, yeah, it doesn't hurt to help, and I love to help people, but these are my conditions for helping someone out:

    1. I must have free time, can't help you while I also have work to do
    2. Asking for help, not asking for "doing things for you"

    Sadly, at the time of this, I had work to do AND she was asking in a way like "Hey, do it please", so, please, understand that, I'm sure you know that feeling, when you know it's pointless to help someone because they don't even try by themselves.
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    people with normal minds try to solve problems in a normal and easy way, they would never be developers or think like them.. emm so.. can we say devs are freaks? lol
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    Oh-ho-ho my god...
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    Golden 😂😂
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    As a matter of fact I would say her behaviour is not actually very illogical. It rather stems from a basic misunderstanding or lack of comprehension in how languages are parsed (&compiled) and executed...

    Explaining her how program execution works in this language and what the different error types are that should be expected could have gone a long way.
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    Any beginner would prefer 1 error over 27 errors.
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    @sam0 What does this have to do with feminism?
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