I've been staffed on a old ongoing project, first day.
0. Compatibility has to be guaranteed down till IE9... ppf.
1. Front end made in XHTML+JS(jQuery)... bah, ok.
2. XHTML+JS is actually generated by PHP5.4, not a line is actually statically served... beh, funny, ok.
3. PHP files are the output of an XSLT transform of a bunch of XMLs... meh, seriously? Oooook.
4. XMLs are the product of the serialisation of a truck of stateful JavaEE6 DTOs populated magically (undocumented) with data coming from a SQL DB... WTF mode!!!
5. Session logics lives within PHP-land at point 2, front end makes ajax calls here that propagates to another WS out of our control that triggers -somehow- (undocumented) our Java backend at point 4 to generate new XMLs and then reach front end again. Kill me now.

Boss: look... it's too slow for the client, it's too heavy on our servers: fix it. Ah, and we sold 85% test coverage by October. You're the man for the job. (I'm a Node.js fullstacker and right now there's not even a testing scaffold, ofc).
Me: prod is on Linux or Windows?
Boss: RHEL7.
Me: rm -rf / as root. Done.
Boss: I know I know...
Me: ...

I think time has come...

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    Time to pack up and leave
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    WHAT THE FUCK. Maan this could be worst project structure ever created.
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    I guessed from those "ppf", "bah" and "beh" that you're Italian as well.
    Never heard them from an English speaking person :P
    And good luck with that hellish mess.
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    That's what you get when its a patch on a patch on a patch on a patch.

    Sad it got you to the point of service time and server costs to be too high.

    Probably due to bad decisions/communications/terms of previous developer(s) and bosses

    There is only one solution for cases like these - start over from planning. Backup the current state. Migrate important resources and data. and most importantly - double the price.

    That's the fastest way to get a stable product guaranteed as they expect.
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    @exelix spotted! yeah kind of :) republic of san marino right now
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    this is when someone writes a codebase, maybe good, maybe not the best, but at least it's kind of coherent.

    and then after release1 you start to push the projects to a different team of external consultants every now and then without any constraints from the main architect, without knowledge sharing with the new team, without technical or functional analisys etc... i know how nightmarish can be in these cases, and how indecent we too as consultants can be as well. it's already a miracle that this pile of garbage is still working.
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