What is the longest time you spent for a single bug fix?

3 days and going here, this piece of shit doesn't seem to reveal itself until I go bald and be a psychopath. 😲

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    Need help bro.. we'll find that son of a bitch..
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    Still trying to find a bug from a 3 year old project, feels bad man... (I shouldn't complain, it's my old spaghetti code so i deserve the hell)
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    There's no bug if there's no code.
    Just kidding.
    Have fun hunting.
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    Remember to bring a gun with you
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    What language is it written with?
    Did you check by-reference/by-value problems?
    Do you have an idea more or less where it could be in the code?
    Have you told your rubber duck what your code does/should do?
    Have you meditated about it?
    Have you tried to sacrifice a virgin lamb to the gods of bugs?
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    Code bugs are simple, on bugs that are caused by some bullshit server architecture I already sat a few weeks to find that some random annotation caused it.
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    Longest? Probably bashing my head into a bloody pulp trying to fix a CORS issue for a week when it turned out the server wasn't responding in the first place. It hurts to think about the unneccesary libraries I installed and unrelated source code I went over while being out of ideas.

    Longest/Most trivial? When my json object simply. would. not. parse. I was up until 2am boiling it down to a minimal example; I imported the json library, I hard coded the literal variable, but jason.parse() still wouldn't fu-


    Oh no.
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    ... depends on what you mean by "single bug fix".

    but how i define it, i had my longest about a month ago. in a way, it wasn't your standard bug, but an attempt to make a whole app work. in another way, it was a single bug (i was trying to make it do one thing and it was refusing to do it correctly, until it broke down completely for i have no idea what reason)

    that one took me two weeks nonstop, until i broke down and told the boss that either i'm a useless idiot or the app/library stack/solution is completely stupid and useless for our purposes, however in any case, i am unable to solve it.

    and i still haven't, i was just told to let it be. if i weren't told that, I myself would refuse to try for any longer.
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    2 weeks.

    2 weeks on a bug that was non reproducible (that I reproduced after like 2 days) which had no correlation to what was happening. And 2 weeks later, when I made that single line code change and the motherfucker motherfucking worked, I almost wept.
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    Couple months with some graphical bugs when I was getting started with JavaFX. Otherwise, I'm still hunting one of those quantum bugs in a C++ program I wrote in March...
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    I've spent 15 days with a fucking bug in the login module of the app I'm working, because I couldn't replicate the little bitch... After two weeks of sucking and trying to convince my "Product Owner" to let it go for a while, I've found it!!! This guy that added the behavior for when the session was expired, put a fucking "OR" where it should be a totally different condition evaluation... A fucking "OR"!!!
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    /dev/life, 21 years and still haven't completely fixed that shit :/
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    Just spent 4 hours trying to get TCP to work on unity. That son of a bitch script wasn't fucking loaded anywhere.
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    The only one I can remember was about 7 days. The solution was 1 single extra line of code... 😄 but I was fucking happy I solved it.
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