A few days back I joined my first job. I didn't had so many expectations but still I had a little hope. But no the trainer was a dumb ass person, like he did so many annoying things. I'll give you one, he repeatedly tried putting hdmi cable in VGA port. Even after we told him.

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    How could you possibly mistake HDMI and VGA...?
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    Please elaborate a bit about your job and if possible your recruiter
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    @gitlog it's technical associate (fancy word) plus why hr? I'm having doubts now if you are in my company and working as HR. 😂😂😂😂🤔
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    @drekhi12 XD hey boy I guessed you and I'm your HR.

    Meet me in the office today.

    Jk ;)

    Could you share the company name. I just wanted to know about the Indians here and what companies they are going to.
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