I remember when Android brought new innovative functionality and the play store offered hundreds of apps to customize your phone and so on. (Compared to my previous phone)

Now I feel like every new version, if it's Android or iOS, just adapts more to fit the common user. The apps I mentioned still exist but the store offers your trends that - yea, suck (hello social networks)! It's not a phone with new features anymore but a phone that's better for fucking braindeads. And I dislike that. I am not the common user.

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    Can u give examples of what you mean? Bcs I fail to understand now.
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    Interesting view...
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    @zemaitis back when I had my first android: Life wallpapers were the thing. Widgets and rooting with all this cool stuff.
    It was more like a little computer.

    Now the phones are more supposed to be used as selfie-machines (pixel advert), idle games platform, twitter and 3D emojis. Wtf :c
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    it means that big companies have mastered the art of smartphoning, if they mastered it then now it's our turn!
    I dream of a phone completely open, starting from the hardware!
    let's say, modular like a fairphone or even more...
    I don't have clear ideas though, just a boy dream :D
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    Let me concretize my dream a little bit:
    I want to be able to change the smartphone antenna.
    I don't need to support SMS or phone call protocols, and I want to be able to support 802.11s or BATMAN more than just 4G, 5G and all such thing.

    I can use a voip, and I want to be able to make a mesh of smartphones!

    here I said it! Here is my dream.
    now: tell me how to grow it, what should I study, and what should I do!
    does it make sense? (at least remotely?)
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    @mngr I have no idea. Sounds cool tho.
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