Who are devranters?

I know many devs and very few of them run Linux as their primary OS. And I've never met a single one using Arch.

Also, hardly any use Vim as their primary IDE...or even editor.

Yet, if DevRant was my first introduction to devs I'd be down Best Buy looking for a laptop (why so many laptops here?) running Arch and Vim as my word processor.

Don't misunderstand me---I have nothing against Arch and Vim. I don't give a rat's arse about the OS on my machine as I'm mostly in apps. I'm sure Arch would be fine. And whatever floats anyone's boat is fine by me.

But where are all the devs maintaining VB6 apps using XP? Is the community inclusive enough to welcome them?

Where are the "dark matter" devs? Lurking? Speak up!

Now, it may be that, say, China and India run on Arch Linux and Vim and I have a limited perspective. If so, Wow! My eyes are opened.

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    Yes we are inclusive to them,they give nice rants.
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    Is it possible VB6 devs are living the dream and have nothing to rant about?
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    Many of the devs using VB6 are not going to brag about it but rather rant about it.

    Used to do a lot with VB of different versions, even before it was actually named officially ;), but switched to C# 12 years ago and I am not longing back.

    Also I use windows primarily but ubuntu fir my private servers, but I do prefer Vim as text editor in text mode over nano.
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    Yes. I use Ubuntu on servers/VMs. And I'll use Vim on those. All good stuff. I've no quarrel with them. My question is really more about whether devRant is a small subset of the dev community.

    If it is, that doesn't mean it's a bad thing.
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    I use Arch linux as the primary os and vim to edit scripts on the server. No, I am not from China or India. Europe.
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    It is because mostly devs att small companies is in devrant
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    I've encountered a hardcore Arch and Vim user at my current working place. He always tells how he's going to "nerd" through the weekend.
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    I would consider switching careers if I had to maintain a legacy codebase using Windows XP.
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    More people say they use vim for developing than the ones who actually do ;)
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