So...the windows console is getting emoji support. I can't convey how happy it makes me that this is what they've been working on. Very happy. Because of little smiling pictures of yellow people in a command line.

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    SEGFAULT/11 😂😂😂😅😓😭
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    @fuck2code Unicode I can live with, emojicode in a freakin terminal 👻🔫
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    Cool but I hope for animoji in mac osx terminal
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    My happiness is mostly in its support of emoji implying that conhost will finally start looking for glyphs in a secondary font (Segoe UI for emoji) when it's not found in the primary font. That'd solve the rendering issues in the Powerline shell that I have currently on some remotes (on local I haven't migrated yet because WSL's shell drawing performance is shite). Well, their shell is still very immature compared to the shells for native Unix systems out there.. but they are catching up.
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