Designer: The design is done and approved by you. Set the launch date. We just need to put some code behind it and the shop project is finished.

After the meeting the programmers heard what the designer said to the customer in the meeting.
Programmer: *facepalm*
PM: *facepalm*

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    Sure, it's not like the code behind it that makes it work, right? The color palette is the flesh and soul here.
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    Mmmmmh kay
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    No big deal, he said "some code" just throw a hello world code and the project is finished, right?
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    This makes my blood boil
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    npm install design-specsr
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    This is every project for me. Except it's the PM who says all this. They're usually telling clients things like "once the design is approved we'll have your site online in two weeks!" It's been 9 months of trying to explain why every project launches later than he promised, but on schedule for the timeline I gave. Try promising timelines after the developer has seen the project scope and design.
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