I can't think of coding without the TAB key!

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    I almost never use it in Vim, < and > commands are way more powerful and require less effort to reach :)
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    I can't think of any text handling without Home and End keys.
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    Vim's really that powerfull? Cool. @tokumei
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    Intresting. @electrineer
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    @acnair Yeah, as a noob it's probably best to try out all the line ops on a single line at a time (>>, dd, yy, etc), but once you also get used to navigation, you can also do things like indent a whole block (lines 23-35: 23gg>35gg)
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    It took me a long time to get comfortable with that, and what's even worse is that line numbering is disabled by default
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    @tokumei iam currently usimg VSCode. Its cool! 😬🤓
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