Just lost the love of my life. I really thought we were soul mates and now she quit the relationship after a half year. I was even planning my proposal already. I never felt so bad in my life.

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    Sorry to hear that. Hope she hasn't quit because you have never proposed.
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    Can a ++ make u happy for a moment?
    It's ohk, things don't happen as u think
    This can be break for her to understand ur importance!
    vice versa
    She may propose u after a while?(who knows)
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    Oh fuck man, I was hoping this rant was from someone I didn't know 😩

    Stay strong and take your time,
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    Thanks for your words guys - it just came out of nowhere.- we just renovated our flat and dunno what :(
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    @LastDigitOfPi My parents married after dating for 3 months. Still together.

    You'll get through this. First couple of weeks hurt like hell but you will get through it.
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    I don't believe in soul mates. I think there's always someone out there you can love and spend your life with. Maybe thinking this will ease your pain a bit.
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    @TheKB well I didn't say that you can have more.than one person that fits to you
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    Update: I've fixed some stuff in my life, quit my old job and got her back ❤️
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