So, giving a talk soon and marketing wanted to see the slides.

Comments come back. On every slide that is purely visual they've suggested I add a title and a para or two of text.

Fuck you and your fucking slideuments. If you want them to read the material send them a memo and save me the fucking trip.

Or even better, turn up yourselves and read lists of bulletpoints off the screen for 30 mins while I sit in hotel hot-tub with a cocktail.

I hate the inanity of corporate life.

Next time I'm going to send you a blank slide and live draw my diagrams. See how you like that, arseholes.

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    Presentations eat shit. Want to put a room full of people to sleep? Show them a presentation.
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    @andros705 That's pretty much correct. Worst thing is when the speaker shows a slide full of text and reads every freaking word on it. There's no value in having the speaker then. But I don't know if the speaker will say it all so I rush to read it and completely lose focus on what the speaker is saying. After 2-3 slides I get exhausted and tune out....Just no!
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    The classic is when they've reduced the font so far to jam on text that you can't read it and they say, "I know this is too small to see, so I'll read it to you."

    Gee. Thanks.
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    @rutee07 At that point in the presentation they'd beaten all creative thought out of me...and will to live.
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