When even the gift mug you got from your coworkers has a bug in the code...

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    Object member drink on line 5 cannot be used as a variable.
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    @boese Im assuming big linespacing instead of empty lines after every line.
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    Something else: if you initialize a new coffee it will always be the same thing, no need to check with an if statement.
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    There is no problem with that @Codex404 :)
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    @boese my ide saya otherwise
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    @Codex404 and mine counts the empty lines :) which ide are you using?
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    @boese ah i thought you were talking about the second message
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    is a property and the getter doed the drinking stuff
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    @Codex404 classic :D nope, meant the first one ^^
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    @Codex404 It depends on constructor. It could have conditions that sometimes fill it with coffee.
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    But where is the while true loop?
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    I like how the coffee refills itself and the useless property reference at the end.
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    Useless incompetent bastard co-workers strike again
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    Had to be on purpose, but where did they buy it? I feel like ruining someone’s life
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    That triggers me so bad... I need to fix it...
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    Naming conflict? Depends on the language
    Line 3 could be a getter where drink is clearly an action and thus should be a method/function.
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    @theKarlisK or coffee leak!
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    So this rant become a Javascript syntax skill check 😂
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    So many issues.

    1) It overwrites the coffee class.
    2) Initialized coffee should already have coffee.
    3) `coffee.drink` would return the function, not execute it.
    4) Without a loop, you can only drink or refill the coffee, once, and never both.
    5) Put a space between an if and its condition, please!
    6) Indentation! Now!
    7) 5/6 lines could be shortened to a ternary.

    let contents = new Coffee();
    while (Coffee) {
    (contents.empty ? contents.refill() : contents.drink());
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    @Root so much beauty created from an ugly mug. ♥️🤣
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    @Root but put the space inside the brackets not outside
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