Absolutely SICK of clients contesting invoices, refusing to pay and paying late.

I work bloody hard building websites for these people, often saving their business and doing a huge amount of work they’ll never understand or appreciate. Agree a price and pay it, stop being horrible greedy arseholes.


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    Common in building trades also.
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    Need a contract for everything.
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    This is why I gave up freelancing. I exchanged financial insecurity for a job where I have to dress up and adhere to strange rules and attend mandatory meetings. Not complaining though, I hated dealing with people like that.
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    That's why you put it in your contract that you'll put a lein against their business/house if they fail to pay, you'll get payed 100% of the time after they get that lein notice because they can't get loans or credit if they have leins against them, or at least if they can it will be horribly high interest rates.
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    Only had two freelancing projects and hated both clients .. Now just doing my job!
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