*i am a teenager*

*i don't have credit card*

*can't buy anything*

*sees unixstickers is $1*

*pulls out a dollar from physical wallet*

*throws in the air*


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    Try getting help from your friends, that's how I did it
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    Send me your address I’ll buy it for you 😉

    Edit: Seriously...
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    get a prepaid credit card.
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    Ask your parents than?
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    @C0D4 Well, if so......
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    @C0D4 "Hello am young teenager. Name is Gill BATES, give stickers please."

    Honestly, that's is pretty nice of you to offer that to our young @CozyPlanes :)
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    @Jilano literally my faith in humanity restored
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    @Jilano it’s @CozyPlanes
    No harm in spending a dollar for the guy.
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    @devTea thanks for the mass ++
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    @C0D4 I just have to after reading that comment, thanks for your ++ too
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    Enjoy your stickers @CozyPlanes 😎
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    @Jifuna they doesn't like me handling with money
    @heyheni @skerp @AlpineLinnix need parent permission
    @devTea friends == same age == no card
    @C0D4 ^^
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    @CozyPlanes I expect a sticker reveal 😉

    @devTea I ran out of things to ++ 🙁
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    @C0D4 ok then, the stickers just need to come by 6 weeks cuz i am moving soon~~
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    @CozyPlanes they took a week for Australia so hopefully you get them in a nice time frame.
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    @CozyPlanes well I got friends who are older than me
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    @Skerp Yea I used to get one and refill it to buy shit off the internet. But now Ive got a card so I'm good to go.

    You were supposed to register them online and use your social security number or some shit, but most of them worked without you doing that bullshit
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    Ok I will go chronologically...

    Aww @cozyplanes 🙁🙁

    Wow @C0D4 that is so cool!!

    Congratulations @cozyplanes!!!

    Yaaay devRant 😌😌🤗🤗🤗
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    @Electrux that sums up pretty well honestly
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    @devTea thanks 😊😁
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    @xzvf bought a play store gift card with cash
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    Wtf while reading the comments, I got a spotify creditcard ad
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    I got mine ordered from a friend of mine, being a teenager is the struggle duh.
    *Teenager High five*
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    @rezn0v and later when you have a credit card, you'll find out that you need it for buying shit that you don't need as teenager.. like decent teeth replacement.
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    @Fast-Nop I don't know lol, I'm a teenager, I'll know as I grow
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    @Fast-Nop Or appliances that break out of the fucking blue.

    Or to pay for mechanic work done to your car that decides to break out of the blue.
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    @Stuxnet that's one of the reasons why I got rid of my car more than 20 years ago. The other is that the design of modern cars in itself is a huge reason for public transport. ;-)
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    @Fast-Nop There's no such thing as public transportation in small towns, so that option doesn't exist.

    Ok there is, but it's $10 a ride and it doesn't cover shit.

    Not to mention, I have to get from my (parents) house to my apartment during school. That's an hour long drive... No public transportation will take me there.
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    Some guy on the internet bought a pack for me! Thank you @GeloMyrtol
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    @Jifuna What the fuck is a "Spotify Credit Card"...
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    @xkill *on spotify
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    What country are you from? One can get credit cards for free from certain banks here in germany.
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    @2lazy2debug @hasu there is prepaid stuff, but most of them require parents permission
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    In the Philippines we have two services, namely Paymaya and GCash, you download an app on your phone and register. It provides you with a virtual prepaid card. You can load it through any convenient store.

    Maybe your country has something similar?
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    Been there. There are some options you still have.

    1. Depending on your age, open a bank account and use a debit card. In the US they have similar securities compared to credit cards.

    2. PayPal with free PayPal cards.

    3. Prepaid Visa cards.

    Both #2 #3 can be bough from a local Walmart.

    This should give you some direction, at least if you are in the US (I know a lot of people here on devRant are from abroad).

    Persevere! 🤟

    Edit: just saw that you are a teenager (how did I not read the first damn line?)

    These options should still work for you. Banks tend to allow you to open teen accounts with the contingency that you either have a direct deposit, pay a fee per month or are linked to a parent account. See if your parents bank offers this.
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    This community is amazing 😍
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    U could open a N26 account, it's free and basically a prepaid credit card
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    @C0D4 you're a great guy 🙌
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    @CozyPlanes i think you might be able to open a revolut account. You can top it up with bank transfer then. As a bonus you get awesome currency conversion rates and no fees :) (i know i sound like an ad, but its fckn awesome!)
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    Protonmail ftw
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    @devTea I was so sure you were middle aged 🤔
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    Just a few weeks ago I finally went to the bank and got my first account finally felt that I was acting like an adult instead of an overgrown child 😂, before that I was using a debit card called "ininal" which you could buy from most book shops and load money in it by just going to a chain convenience market. Check out if something similar is available where you are at
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    @Marnsghol I got a couple of friend who was older than me when I ordered first item with credit card. Heck I don’t even have credit card yet now
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    @devTea to be honest Im scared even to use it 😂 spending a money I don't have feels weird... Well i will get used to it if Im careful ! **one month later he turned his house into an arcade salon with a credit debt of 55,000 $**
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    Attend developer meetups. Stickers are often provided.
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    @crhntr not many here
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    My condolences
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    Too bad crypto currency hasn’t been able to help out in this space.
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    Buy Bitcoin 😎
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    Send me your BTC address. I'll dump some $$
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    @jAsE yes see my rantd
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    This is one reason why I like Indian e-commerce websites. They provide COD (Cash on delivery) option. It means you'll pay for the goods to the delivery guy. So you can still use e-commerce without a digital payment method.
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