Nope.. Not doing that.

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    Lol same
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    You could try a prepaid visa that way your actual card isn't tired to anything.
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    @DebRogue make an avatar!
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    Don't have a credit card so they won't get me as a customer.
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    This reminds me of Google Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure. Although I just wanted to use the free services, they still wanted to get my credit card number. Cunts.
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    Chill. They want your cc to be sure that same person cant take advantage of free trials.
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    it's a trap
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    First picture: lazily reposting

    Second picture: posting original content
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    Happens to me all the time. 😂
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    There are 2 reasons:
    - The service needs an accurate authentication of the user so they require a credit card to read your info (example: free books in Google play)
    - The first month is free and then you'll find charged other months in your account, if you don't disable it before (example: Spotify, netflix)
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    Like Spotify and YouTube. Can't trust them
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    @Nanos for me it worked. I'm a netflix user now
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